Drammit got a complete redesign!

Today is a good day as I am finally releasing the redesign of Drammit to the public.

This version is officially at 0.10.0 and is a great step forward towards the first full version of Drammit.

What's new?

  • Timeline got a massive make over, making it way more useful
  • Looking for whisky now gives you more detailed info
  • Checking a dram in has been polished. You can now also slide over the stars to rate a dram
  • The person's timeline is now visible from their profile page
  • When you check in a dram, you'll get a nice surprise

For Android and iOS

You can get an update to 0.10.0 from Google Play Store.
An update has been sent to Apple. It will be available in the AppStore soon.



Check-in Page

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